Saturday, 20 February 2016

Come hither, Spring

After yesterday's rain, the snow has nearly disappeared. As much as I love snow, I'm ready to get out of the Winter funk and move onto the freshness of Spring~ Today is definitely that: fresh. That's inspiring for me.

My cat, Luna, was even feeling mildly photogenic, which is a rarity. That goes for me, too. It's definitely been awhile since I've had gotten nice pictures of myself. Here's hoping that changes, 'cause overall, it's an enjoyable experience.

As you can see, I'm donning a faded floral print dress, knit top (it has wee bell sleeves -- very cute), some knee high socks 'cause it's still a bit chilly, and my motorcycle boots. I like those boots, I've had them a couple years, but I really dislike that they've got leather. These will be the last pair of real leather boots I own, since I pursue a vegan diet, and would like to further my efforts to get away from animal products, especially fur and leather. I don't own any fur (unless you consider my wool scarf to be fur??), but I've got a couple leather products. My Rudsak winter coat (not pictured here) has some leather trimmings and such. I adore that coat and I'm not ready to part with it, but when the time comes, I'll be looking into some alternative options for quality Winter gear. As a Canadian, it's a must to have a good coat and pair of boots.

Further, I've got a pretty bare face (apart from some mascara and lip balm). I need to work on being comfortable in my own skin, so here we are.

This afternoon I'm going to be hitting the thrift store, on a bit of a treasure hunt. What a charming way to spend the rest of the day~ Who knows what trouble I'll get into this evening, though.

Until later,

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  1. Wonderful photos, both you and your fashion sense are very easy on the eyes.

    Being comfortable in your own skin should be nothing you have to work on-- being as beautiful as you are!

    Hope to see more photoshoots of you (and your cat!) in nature, as the weather improves.