Tuesday, 5 April 2016

3 Ways to Vegan Pizza!

When I went vegan, I was ready to say goodbye to pizza. I was unaware of how easy vegan pizza is to buy or make. Here are three options for vegans who want a real good pizza.

Option 1. Tofurky Pizzas

After trying several cook-from-frozen vegan pizzas, I found Tofurky's Italian Sausage pizza. Amazing. Other brands' cheese just doesn't taste right, which I think is partially attributed to the amount they use. Whatever it is, Tofurky does it right. Not only that, but they go so far as to put this amazing plant-based sausage on it alongside some amazing veg, when other companies seem to forget that we need substance. This pizza costs me just under $10. Still cheaper than delivery.

I threw some mushrooms on it too. I'm getting hungry just thinking about this..
Nothing short of awesome.
 Option 2. Make it yourself! Quick, easy, vegan pizza with no yeast involved!

Making pizza sounds intimidating, but I promise it really isn't, especially with this recipe that contains no yeast.

2 + ½ cups of flour
2 + ¾ tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp olive oil
¾ to 1 cup of water
(preheat oven to 400°F or 200°C)

As the recipe says, mix all your ingredients into dough, and roll it out on a floured surface. Make your crust on a tray, spread a light layer of olive oil on that baby (optional), then your tomato/pasta sauce.

If you want cheese, go ahead and add your dairy substitute of choice, but remember that pizza is still delicious without anything of the sort.

There are so many veggie toppings you can top a pizza with that provide really great flavours. In this example, I've chosen Daiya's mozzarella style shreds, garlic-stuffed olives, sun-dried tomatoes, white mushrooms, zucchini, brocolli, sweet red pepper, and a greens mix of kale, chard, and spinach. "Meatier" veggies such as eggplant, potatoes, and mushrooms really make a hearty pizza. Further, there's nothing stopping you from throwing on some Yve's Ground Round or one of Tofurky's awesome sausages. That's the beauty of pizza.


Alright, pop your pizza in the oven. I did mine for 20 minutes, but the recipe says anywhere between 15 - 25. Wait patiently, and ta-daa!

In case you didn't see how gorgeous this pizza was the first time.

Option 3. Order delivery!

Yes, you heard me! Order it! Simply ask for no cheese and your veggie toppings. I order from Pizza Pizza, who does not use any animal products in the making of their dough. Search Google for information on whether or not your pizza place of choice uses any in their process. However, pizza dough usually does not contain milk or eggs, typically running a recipe similar to what I've provided in this article. 

Pizza for vegans everywhere, YAAAS.

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