Monday, 14 March 2016

Make a Difference for Free

Everyday, with a simple click & just seconds of my time, I donate food to animal shelters all over North America, through the Greater Good site.

How it works: Everyday, Greater Good ( works with organizations who sponsor the causes seen on the website. For every click, that organization donates the corresponding amount. Sponsor organizations also help the materials get to where they need to go. GreaterGood is very transparent about all this, so if you want more specific info, browse the pages of each cause. They also provide stats and a map of locations that have benefitted from these programs. It really adds a personal element to your free donation.

So, with a simple click on any (or all) of Greater Good's programs, you can donate food to impoverished peoples, fund mammograms for women in need, help a child with autism, give a meal to a homeless veteran, fund Alzheimer's research, and more (see below).

Give a Child a Book ~

Conserve Wildlife Habitats in the Rainforests ~

Donate Food to Animal Shelters ~

If you're really dedicated to a cause, you can sign up for reminders everyday, once a day. I do this, and instead of waking up in the morning & simply browsing Facebook or some other social media platform, I make a tangible difference in the world. You can too!

P.S.: I'll hyperlink all those webpages this evening so you can click 'em instead of copy&paste! It's just that I'm working on mobile (tablet) whilst at school, and thus no HTML. Soon, though!!

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