Friday, 25 March 2016

This Magic Moment: Foresta Lumina

By far, one of my favourite experiences in my life thus far has been visiting this awesome place: Foresta Lumina, located in Coaticook, Quebec. This night-time walking trail features an array of beautiful sights & lights, telling stories about the fairies, local legends, and a young lady named Margaret. It's an interactive dreamworld, really. I highly recommend it. Pictures don't do it justice, and yet they're fabulous, nonetheless!

The entrance: a warm welcome~ You pick up a "wish stone" and whisper your wish to the fairies. By reading the glowing text on these pillars, you are introduced to the story and it's characters.

(This photo of Foresta Lumina is courtesy of TripAdvisor)
Several areas feature glowing fairies, illuminating patterns through the woods.

Spooky~ apparently this guy is based off a Native myth! 

Using projectors, MomentFactory (the makers of Foresta Lumina) animates this tree into a story.

The gorge is illuminated with these rainbow dots, where you leave your wish stone among Inukshuks. As you leave, you pass over the gorge, listening to the water on your way out.

Among other light displays, the trailway features the largest suspended footbridge in North America. Amazing!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I soooo want to go here!!! I've never heard of this...