Sunday, 13 March 2016

Revamping Some Garden Decor!

I'm so happy it feels like Spring! I'm so excited for flowers, rich green grass, and all the wonderful and unique plants that come along with it. While I can't force any pretty colours to pop out of the ground (especially this early on), I can still prepare for when I meet them, by making my own! So today, I've chosen to revamp an old garden piece that's looking a little weary.

So, here is the subject, fresh out of the garden where it slept all winter (oops).
As you can see, it's pretty faded and need a little scrub. However, it does have a couple cute turtles on it. I've had this garden decor/flower pot holder for a couple years now, but I can't remember exactly where I got it. There are two possibilities that stick out in my mind: 1.) I grabbed it off the side of the road in a nearby subdivision whilst on a Summer walk (if you ever need flower pots/boxes, I advise taking a look during gardening season), or 2.) I got it at the second-hand store! Either way, garbage dump averted! It's had a home in my yard ever since, however I want to make it a little more personal. I already have a couple pink/purple glittery mushroom stakes in my wee flower bed (of which I added my own touch to also), so I think it's time for a makeover on this baby, too.

So, after a wash in the laundry tub, we're already looking a little shinier. No surprise there I suppose!

One thing I found sort've interesting, here. This piece is from 1997! Almost twenty years old! 

Now, down to business.. Supplies!
I'm using acrylic paints (just the general selection from my stash), and a few cheap brushes, as there's no sense in damaging nice brushes on an outdoor piece. I especially favour a small size of sponge brush as it covers a fair amount of surface matter quickly, and still has the ability to get into the nooks & crannies. Naturally, I also have water to rinse things, an old wash cloth to dab on, and newspapers to protect the area... oh, and some awesome space drum music to inspire me!

So I spend a couple hours just working on this, made some peppermint tea, and just enjoyed the process... Miss Luna wanted to help, too.

Without further ado, here is the finished product!

Yay! There's nothing like customizing something with your personal style. I think all I have left to do is apply some lacquer on it to make it water/outdoor-proof. I worry about all the chemicals and stuff, but it's worth remembering that making an entirely new product from unused resources is worse. Through refinishing, upcycling, and diy, we conserve those resources! Reuse, reinvent! Use your fairy-wonderful imagination! xo

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